June 6, 2019.

Expansion capital for next-generation imaging technology company
Amsterdam, NL – Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V. (‘ASI’), a leading vendor of advanced camera systems for X-ray imaging and electron microscopy, has received an investment from a consortium of investors led by TechNano Fund. Alongside this transaction the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland provided co-funding. ASI is a spin-off of Nikhef, the NWO Institute for Subatomic Physics, and AMOLF, the NWO Institute for Physics of Functional Complex Matter.

ASI’s camera systems are based on Medipix technology developed by a collaboration of leading physics research institutes under the coordination of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The cameras are deployed in leading experimental physics labs around the globe, including CERN and Nikhef. ASI’s products are increasingly used in the next generation of electron microscopes, X-ray imaging systems and mass spectrometers, both in research and in industry.

The investment will enable ASI to scale up its organisation, strengthen its leading position in the scientific market and expand its business in new applications and markets. Furthermore, the investment allows ASI to implement an ambitious innovation program for the development of new technology for the next generation of products.

Hans Brouwer, CEO of ASI comments: “We are thrilled to receive such strong trust and support for our plans from both the private and public investors. With this funding we can realise our ambitious scale up and innovation program.”

Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner of TechNano Fund adds: “We believe in the vision of ASI and have a lot of confidence in the management team. We are excited about helping ASI to accelerate the company”.

Wouter Keij, Director of Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland comments: “New steps in science and industry require advanced tools and instruments such as the camera systems of ASI. We are pleased to support ASI in developing new technology for the next generation cameras. The fact that other parties co-finance in this round is extremely positive and a confirmation of ASI’s plans.”